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Malaysian Palm Oil Board

Self-Description : Edited August 2008

THE Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) is Malaysia’s premier government agency entrusted to serve the country’s oil palm industry. The main role of MPOB is to promote and develop national objectives, policies and priorities for the wellbeing of the Malaysian oil palm industry.

MPOB was incorporated by an Act of Parliament and was established on 01 May 2000, taking over through a merger, the functions of the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia (PORIM) and the Palm Oil Registration and Licensing Authority (PORLA).

Each of these organisations had then already been involved in the development of the Malaysian oil palm industry for over 20 years.

The MPOB works under the purview of the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities. It is entrusted with the functions of promoting and developing the nation’s palm oil industry. It maintains close links with the Malaysian Palm Oil Council.

Towards achieving this aim, MPOB’s objective is to position the palm oil industry as the most dynamic, productive, competitive and sustainable.

The MPOB is based in Kuala Lumpur and has offices in Iran, Pakistan, China, Egypt, USA and UK

The Malaysian oil palm industry, developed over four decades, has significantly contributed to the nation’s economy. The dynamic progress of the industry is largely attributed to the strategic government approach in developing agriculture land and concerted initiatives in focusing on research and development by both the government institutions and private sectors.
In line with the national agenda of empowering the agricultural-based sector, the palm oil industry will continue to play a vital role as a prime mover of the plantation commodity.

Having spearheaded extensive research and development in all aspects of oil palm/ palm oil, Malaysia is pioneering technological breakthroughs in the palm oil industry. The industry has adopted innovative techniques and sustainable practices in ensuring that oil palm cultivation remains in harmony with the environment.
Malaysia will continue to forge ahead with new innovations covering a wide spectrum of the industry from upstream to downstream and in particular the new emerging sectors of oleo-chemical and biodiesel to enhance the industry’s performance.

Through intensive R&D programmes, MPOB emphasis is on producing market driven technology in line with industry needs. MPOB has thus far launched more than 350 technological breakthroughs including high quality planting materials, efficient agronomic practices, modern milling and processing techniques, foods, nutrition, biomass, oleo-chemical products and biodiesel technology for adoption by the industry and commercialisation.

MPOB is pursuing a dynamic role in research and development to be recognised as the premier Nobel Laureate producing R&D institution.

To become the premier, Nobel laureate-producing research and development institution providing leadership and impetus for the development of a highly diversified, value-added, globally competitive and sustainable oil palm industry.

To enhance the well-being of the Malaysian oil palm industry through research, development and excellent services.

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